Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Raising Money for a Mini Farm

I have done some major website remodeling, because it's time to get 2013 going! We have been busy dreaming up plans to raise money for our mini farm, since our IndieGoGo campaign didn't generate near enough funds to kick start the project. However, we are still as determined as ever to get this thing off the ground and help people grow their own food.

One plan to raise funds has been successful: selling organic and natural goods on Etsy under the shop name WildHippo, where we have a 100% positive feedback score. Recently, I've listed our goods on eBay, and I set up a Shop page on this website. We offer organic treats made of ingredients from independent brands and small, local farms. We also offer soap nuts, which are interesting little berries that can be thrown into the washing machine in place of laundry detergent. They release saponin which cleanses the laundry, but these berries can also be used as hand soap, a household cleaner, or in any cleaning situation. Another product I am excited to offer is our organic deodorant! I use it every day, and it is quite effective while being gentle on the skin. Another blogger recently reviewed the deodorant for me and was also satisfied with its effectiveness: Grandma Bonnie's Closet Review

I will be helping some families start their own gardens this year, and I will try to document this as much as possible. Hopefully, this will give everyone a good idea of what is involved in starting a garden from scratch. There's a lot that goes into digging the beds, testing the soil, and adding the right amount of soil amendments to ensure soil fertility.

Last year, I was in over my head with too many seed varieties. This year, I am going to take a simpler approach and focus on growing less vegetable and fruit varieties and growing them well. And yes, I will be posting more garden schematics!

Thanks for visiting! I hope to make this site a valuable resource for everyone who's interested in maximizing the potential of their gardens.