Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Equipment and Website Updates

Two arrivals from yesterday: the soil blocker I mentioned in the previous post came via U.S. Postal Service, and the spade we bought at Meijer. The spade was $15, and the soil blocker about $35 with shipping. It may seem expensive, but the soil blocker will more than make up for not having to purchase peat pots or peat pellets and/or liquid fertilizer.

Since the tools are shiny and new at the moment, they are allowed on the couch. Here is a close-up of the soil blocker. The spring at the top is pushed down by hand, lightly compressing the soil.

From the bottom, you can see the white dibbles that make small depressions in the tops of the soil blocks for planting seeds. You can also see that one of our cats, Spirit, has taken an interest in the soil blocker.

It's his now.

Along with new equipment, we've made some updates to this site. I added a poll to the bottom right of this website, as I'd like to get your feedback about what kind of giveaways you'd like to enter, if any. Feel free to choose multiple answers if necessary. We will be offering the first giveaway in early February, and you'll be able to enter to win a Kindle Fire! We're so excited to give everyone who visits the opportunity to win some prizes, and we hope it will bring attention to mini farming and, more specifically, what we are trying to accomplish with this project.

The other feature we have added is the Call Me widget located above the About Me section in the right column. You can call and leave a message with any questions or comments. I look forward to hearing from you!


  1. I want a nice soil blocker. : ) that would mike a nice giveaway.

  2. I voted on your poll. Spirit is adorable! <3 You introduced me to the soil blocker, lol. I've never seen one before.