Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Journey Starts with One Step

Inspired to make a healthy change, my family and I are embarking on a Herculean journey to living sustainably. Most of us have lost our connection to the land that sustains us, and we no longer have the knowledge of our grandparents and great grandparents on how to grow, harvest, and preserve our own food. We aim to reclaim this knowledge by acquiring a piece of land and using intensive farming techniques to grow almost all of our own food. We will refer to this as mini farming as described in the book "Mini Farming" by Brett L. Markham. Using this intensive gardening method, we will be able to provide for our family of 3 plus have a surplus to sell at the markets in our area.

What does this mean for our community? We will establish our mini farm as a community resource for anyone wanting a tour to gain an understanding of intensive gardening techniques and see if this knowledge can help reduce the inquirer's dependence on fossil fuels, rising food prices, etc. Our goal is to start our mini farm in as cost-effective of a manner as possible, doing all the work by hand. This means no expensive, complicated, and sometimes dangerous farm equipment. If someone in or outside our community needs help, we will be that help. We will answer questions based on our own mini farming experience and refer people to another resource if we can't answer their question. With the unemployment rate high and the job prospects in our community low, we wish to help people stay in their homes by saving them money, helping them eat more nutritiously, and eliminating the need to seek multiple jobs to stay afloat.

Our goals are ambitious, but attainable through dedication, and we will succeed! More posts will follow explaining our plans in detail. Thanks for joining us on our first step!

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  1. You are the first source that introduced me to the concept of mini farming. Thank you for sharing your experiences!